Semi-Permanent Cosmetics


  •  Micro-Dermagraphic                              

      Semi-permanent Eye Brows    $475*

  •  Micro-Dermagraphic                                        Semi-Permanent Eyeliner    $475*
  • Micro-Dermagraphic                               touch-ups starts @   $175*                          depending on the amount of work           (Only for Zizi's original work)
  • Micro-Derma Graphic                           Eyeliner touch-up    $200              depending on the amount of work            (Only for Zizi's original work) 
  • Beauty mark    $85                                            
  • *Price determined upon consultation
  •  Corrective Semi-Permanent Eye                    Brow  (Consultation for Corrective                Consultation $35.00 )                                        must be paid at time of Booking)

        *Prices subject to change

         Please call to confirm all prices*    

      Please note there is a

       $75 Non-refundable deposit for                all Semi-permanent -

       service appointments           

       If you cancel with in 24 hours you            have up to 6 months to use the $75        towards Semi-Permanent Brow.

​       Please see cancellation policy                     below

          We must ask that all clients show up no later                 than 1/2 hour prior to their appointment time.

          So that a topical can be applied. If you are late             we may not be able to service you.